The First Phase of Transitions.

before the paint

The First Phase of transitions at Franklin Farms Event Venue, LLC. came with the first coat of lipstick. The original color of the house was dark red brick which, after many back and forth conversations we finally decided that we needed to paint it. We chose to go with a buttermilk yellow that really helps bring it to a centerpiece now. Before, if you were driving down Highway 62 headed to New Washington, IN you wouldn't notice the house but you noticed the barn. NOW, you can't help but turn your head and check out what's going on each time you pass. 

After the house, we started on the barn, the four car garage - which is now known as the Bourbon Barn - the granary and the shed. We put a new coat of white paint on them all and updated all of the roofs!

The yellow house against the white barn and the greenery that surrounds it all really accentuates the entire farm when you're looking at it from the main road.

The next thing we did was add a parking lot - This was another big decision because we weren't sure really where we wanted people to enter into the property. After many long discussions on this as well, we decided to make out entrance where you're coming into the property through the gap between the Bourbon Barn and the Shed with a walk way straight through to the opening of the property. 

The next phases that are currently happening will be posted at a later date! A little secret--- We're working on the inside of the barn and the bridal sweets!